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"Indiana Tube has been working with Dr. Kress at Active Chiropractic for the past nine months. Dr. Kress has helped us prevent stress strain injuries as well as provide treatment and rehabilitation that has resulted in much quicker results than traditional anti-inflammatory and rest methods. He examined the jobs that our employees performed and developed a one-hour training session to educate employees how to reduce their risk of injury on a daily basis. He also identified several risk factors that were later reduced or eliminated.

When we started our relationship with Dr. Kress we had two employees who were recovering from back surgery. I feel their ability to work and enjoy their families, and simply stay active has been greatly enhanced under his care. With proper rehabilitation two years ago, these surgeries may have been avoided. Dr. Kress has not only been successful in treating all types of strains and sprains in the back, but has successfully treated employees with problems in the legs, hips, knees, arms, shoulders and wrists, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Many co-workers and family members of employees have been referred to him because his treatment methods work. I have personally seen him and have referred several friends including my father."

Daniel L. Grimes
Manager of Quality and Technical Support
Indiana Tube Corporation

"Just a short note to thank you for helping me and my shoulder! After 2 years of pain and stiffness, 2 months of you and your magic, and I am ready to play tennis and shoot a bow again! I only wish I had found you sooner!"

Pat Coslett
Pat Coslett's Furniture Festival
Evansville, Indiana

"I am feeling so much better. I have almost been free from headaches for the first time in three years. I also have little or no back and neck pain. My mobility has increased, and I have so much energy."

Sharon L.
Evansville, Indiana

Active Chiropractic &
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