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Once you start going to a chiropractor do you have to go forever?"

Of course you always have the choice in our clinic whether to pursue further treatment. However, I always recommend maintenance or wellness care and usually it is part of the treatment plan. In life, we take care of our most valuable possessions through maintenance to prevent high-dollar repair. We change our oil, mow our grass, brush our teeth, etc. This principle is often forgotten when it come to our bodies. We have the "fix it when its broken" mentality. We have numerous physical, mental and chemical stresses in our lives, which constantly break our health down. Regular chiropractic treatment can help restore the proper joint and muscle function that is necessary for optimal health, and potentially, keep a bigger health problem from arising.

Am I "fixed" when the pain is gone?

NO! Although you should be out of pain within the first one to three weeks of treatment, your body will not have had the opportunity to properly heal itself in that time and you could be susceptible to re-injury and re-occurrence of the original problem if treatment is discontinued. Your body will need to be stabilized. This can only be accomplished after most of the pain is gone because the body innately protects itself when pain is present. Most importantly, pain or the lack there of is not an indicator of good health.

Will i feel sore after the treatment?

In the process of healing and treating the muscle and joint problems present in your body, it is normal to experience some discomfort and soreness in the beginning. Typically, your problem has been present for a period of time and your body is resistant to the changes we make. The chiropractic adjustment or the muscle relaxation techniques can also cause soreness because of the healing of muscles, ligaments or joints that may be inflamed or injured. An example would be beginning a weight lifting program. You would initially be sore, but as the tissues adapted to the program, the soreness would subside.

Why so many visits?

The goal of my treatment is to get you better by balancing your body. I work to retrain, stretch and strengthen your muscles while restoring proper joint motion. This combination of treating the muscles as well as the joints allows your body to heal at an accelerated pace. Keep in mind, your condition, muscle or joint, may have existed for many years. Many factors contribute to the total time needed to accomplish proper healing. Injuries, lifestyle, age, stress, nutrition and overall health will affect the way your body is able to properly heal. Remember, many times while we are making the necessary corrections, the stresses that caused or contributed to the problem may still be present in your life. This may make it necessary to be seen frequently in the beginning for proper healing then, with time, a health maintenance schedule should be followed.

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