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Here is what a local newspaper columnist wrote about our office:

By Lisa Bell

Evansville Courier & Press

Injuries require reconditioning to keep exercisers in the game!

Nagging pain and injuries can derail even the most committed exerciser. Yet many active people experience some form of these unpleasant events during their life. Discomfort may occur suddenly, as in an acute injury. Or it may present slowly over many years.

Over the past few months, I've had several close friends who have shared their struggles with chronic injuries. I have felt helpless watching these highly fit women trying to continue an active and productive life with constant pain. "Perhaps I'm just getting old," one of them confided in me.

A few weeks later I asked her how she was feeling. "You know, I think I'm getting back on track," she said. After months of unexplainable back pain, this runner had a gleam in her eye. "I may even be able to run again," she whispered.

How does one put a body back together again when it hasn't worked correctly for a long time?

"We call it reconditioning," said Dr. Reed Kress, a young and energetic chiropractic doctor who has been in the business of "fixing" active people for the past six years. "You cannot strengthen something that is injured. We have to get the injury under control, reduce inflammation, and work with the patient to reset the entire system."

Kress views the entire body as an interconnected system. Each part, or link, is connected to every other part in a mutually dependent and interactive arrangement - the chain. Pain is a signal that something is wrong within the chain. The site of injury may not necessarily be the "link" that is causing the problem.

"All injuries are the result of an inability of the body's tissues to absorb or dissipate energy," said Kress.

"The No. 1 cause of injury in the active population is due to repetitive stress."

Kress compares the treatment process to aligning the front end of a car whose tires wear out in the same spot each time. It's important to know what the problem is, but it's more important to understand the treatment. To prevent injuries before they occur, Kress recommends cross-training, or engaging in different activities to strengthen the body in different planes of movement. His top picks are Pilates and yoga.

"Move right, think right, and eat right," Kress said. He believes the basics to a healthy, pain-free life will keep exercisers in the game at any age.

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