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What makes Active Chiropractic & Rehabilitation different?

We utilize an approach that combines traditional chiropractic, modern rehabilitation and functional nutrition. Chiropractic alone provides a powerful means of healing, but when combined with rehabilitative and nutritional techniques that directly address your muscular and chemical components, your body responds and heals at a much quicker rate. This not only means less time in the clinic, but the combination provides a more functionally complete healing process to further prevent reoccurrence. Then, with the knowledge of what is causing your pain, along with exercises, or stretches to relieve it, you will have a tailor-made program to heal, alleviate, and prevent your problem.

Many of us are raised to believe that drugs are the answer to all our health problems. Although necessary in some cases, drugs often cover musculoskeletal pain and don't contribute to healing. Also, every drug has unwanted side effects. Even when taking drugs for pain, the body must still have the opportunity to heal itself.

We use a balanced, natural healing approach that promotes a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. To understand how our care works, you only have to believe in two relatively simple concepts:

First, the body has the instinctive ability to heal itself.

Second, the body likes to be in a balanced state.

The concept of self-healing is one that is familiar to everyone, for example, when we cut ourselves. Sometimes it needs some help, as in setting or casting a broken bone, but most of the time the body gets the job done by itself. This miracle is happening every second of every day.

The second concept, of the body wanting to be in a balanced state, is a bit more complicated but easily explained. Injuries, poor nutrition, pollution, stress and so on, all have their ways of creating imbalances inside our bodies. This creates excessive stress and strain on our bones, tissues and/or organs, generating many problems such as arthritis, inflammation, degeneration, fatigue, allergies, cancer and most commonly, PAIN. Our job is to find the primary cause of the problem, remove it and restore the balance the body needs to allow for the healing process to begin. As the saying goes, "balance is the key."

Maintaining excellent health is not a goal, but a journey each of us pursues throughout out entire life. Good health begins with making the right decisions.

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